A gate is an important feature to have at your property for the proper level of safety and security that you have been hoping for. Our team here at Geelong Fence Specialists is the team that you are going to want to turn to for all of your gate needs. Whether you need automatic gates at your home or at your commercial property, we have the skillset required for the task. Not to mention, we have experience with a range of fences, such as tubular steel fencing, and also electric fencing. Our services will provide you with the protection and the security that you have been hoping for.

Specific Entry

If you want to have a gate at the driveway of your home, or at the entry of your commercial property, you are not going to want to have just any vehicle drive in. You are going to want to ensure that the people who come in and out of the property are supposed to be doing that. Therefore, there are gate opening remotes that people can have in their vehicles to open the gate. On the other hand, there can be a keypad or a speaker system at the gate entry that will enable authorized people to come in and out as they need.


When you want to have an automatic gate at your property, you are also going to want to ensure that there are sufficient security precautions taken for the well-being of your property. One way to monitor who comes to your property, and who tries to enter your property, is through security cameras. When we install the automatic gate for you, we are going to be able to connect security cameras as well. These cameras can be linked to the security system inside the property. Our team here knows how to get this work done right, and we also know that it is highly beneficial security precautions.


A cemetery is an important plot of land that needs to be interacted with in a respectful and caring way. Therefore, you are going to be able to trust us here at Geelong Fence Specialists for the installation and maintenance of entry gates. The gates are typically managed by the groundkeeper during the day. Therefore, the groundskeeper can open the gates in the morning when the cemetery opens, and they can also be closed at night when the property closes for the day. This will prevent people from getting in and being disrespectful during the evening hours.

Wrought Iron

If you want to have wrought iron gates on your property, call our team here at Geelong Fence Specialists for the job. We have installed, repaired, and upgraded countless wrought iron gates over the years. We are skillful in this craft, and we are capable of getting this work done in a timely and effective manner. Not to mention, we will ensure that the iron is well taken care of with the appropriate coatings and protective layers that it needs. Overall, when we are though the wrought iron gate is going to be amazing for your needs.
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