Vinyl Fencing

PVC fencing provides an ideal mix of durability, reistance, colour consistency.
PVC Fencing products are 100% recyclable and are a very popular choice for our customers across Geelong!
Customers tend to like that it doesn’t rot, or ever need refinishing. Plus, it comes in several styles from short picket fences to tall privacy fence. However, the initial installation costs can be much higher than timber fencing, and extreme weather can often damage the material.

Pro's of Vinyl Fencing

  • Low maintenance
  • Can resemble real timber wood
  • Cleans easily
  • Safe for kids/ no splinters


  • High initial cost to install
  • Algae and mould can cause staining
  • Not a “natural” material

We do a range of PVC fencing for customers from residential, rural, farming, picket, event hire, horse fencing and more. We can work with you on bespoke styles and sizes. to build you a custom vinyl fence for your Geelong property!

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